Week Three

During the course of this week, we learned about a few different things. Some of those things are, image file formats, image optimization, saving images for the web, and ways to improve banner-ad designs.

Some ways to improve banner-ad designs are knowing the message you want to convey and being able to do so by keeping it brief and to the point, choosing the right color/s and font make viewing easier, keeping the design simple while using relevant pictures and images, its also nice to incorporate an animation to enhance the design, and lastly, provide interactivity if your budget allows. These are important tips for success while dealing with banner-ads. Design Tips website

When dealing with file formats, there are three mainstream formats for the web. Those formats include: JPEG (joint photographic experts group), GIF (graphic interchange format), and PNG (portable network graphics). JPEG files are best when dealing with photos including complex color combinations, where GIF files only handle up to 256 colors and are best for type, vector, flat, or hard-edged images, while PNG files are best for simple web images.

Image download time is a major key to the viewer experience. You can cut down download times by doing a few different things to your images. Image optimization is key for low download times. You can optimize your images by reducing the size and colors, while adjusting the palette and compression and finding a balance between the quality and file size of the image.

Lastly, we are dealing with saving images for the web. When saving files you have to consider several different things: file format, file size, compression, and resolution. Also the approach to saving changes depending on the file format of the image.

Week Two

During the time spent in this class so far, we have learned to do a few different things. We have learned how to position photos in an ad to give it the strongest impact on the viewers, as well as realizing what makes a website successful in ways. I personally learned how to create a blog on WordPress.

We have also started learning how Adobe Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor made for web designers for rapidly creating website prototypes and application interfaces. We learned how to create a Facebook banner ad for a company, Wheeler Farm which resides in Sykesville, MD.

Adobe Fireworks can be used with other Adobe Software. You can export Fireworks graphics to other Adobe software such as Dreamweaver.

I am enjoying the class and look forward to learning more.

The main outside resource that helps me gain an understanding has to be Lynda.com

Get To Know Me!

Hello! My name is Jimmy Lauer and I am a junior digital marketing major here at Stevenson University. I have also played football here for 3 years. I am a huge fan of music and listen to it all the time. I am creating this blog for my Web Design class. Enjoy!